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Echinocereus viridiflorus red-flowered     5/23/21
This is a more structured view of one of the red-flowered viridiflorii. Those of you who know the species will want to point out that the flowers of this red "sport" (Darwin's coinage) are very much bigger than the "normal" yellow flowers of the ordinary plant. We have all seen flowers of this super-common species in nature, and the common flower size is about 5 mm to 10 mm, rarely beyond 10 mm. I've thought about this also. But, in these last two years, I've subjected some yellow flowered plants to the same cultural conditions as the red-flowered. Their flowers, the yellow, are also huge, well beyond 20 mm, as are the reds. In fact, there is no obvious difference as to flower size. Just - one is red, and the other is yellow (yellowish green?).   (54/56)   

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