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Front cacti, north view,     6/1/21
Day-blooming cactus flowers tend to be strongly oriented to the sun, which was behind me when I took this picture. The flowers here are pointed south, where the sun lives. The upper plant in this picture only put out four flowers this year. These bloomed several days later than their mates on the other four plants. Last year, no flowers at all. The plant has been recovering from some fungal disease these two years. I did nothing. It cured, I hope, itself. Plants have to have immune systems, just like animals. Immune systems are necessary for every living thing. A doctor goes to med school to learn to manage your health in concert with your human immune system. 90+% of what ails you is cured by your immune system. That's why it usually doesn't matter what kind of doctor you prefer to consult. The guy with the white coat and stethoscope and the guy with the buffalo-horned headdress shaking a rattle do about as well for 90+%. It's the ~10% that separates them. Maybe.   (18/48)   

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