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Front cacti, south view,     6/1/21
These are the only cacti I have in the "ground," but there is little if any dirt among the rocks you can see. All five were single stems the size of a fist or two three years ago. They were about five years old then, and in either 2.5" (6 cm) or 3.5 " (8 cm) pots. Note the effect of giving them infinite root room. The orange red flowered plants are Echinocereus triglochidiatus "White Sands." I hope to get them to be 3 feet-plus (1 meter) tall, soon. The back three plants, one of which has some pink flowers are Echinocereus coccineus from the Jarilla Mountains. The other two plants are finished flowering. Incidentally, the black thing on the ground is an ooze irrigation tube. These 8 cacti get watered 30 min a day, every day, along with the sacred datura bed, adjacent, from late spring to early fall. Probably every cactus book ever written in any language would tell you to not water cacti very much. The books are wrong. Water cacti when they are growing. When they're not growing, don't water them. And don't forget to fertilize them. No fertilizer = few, if any, flowers.   (17/48)   

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