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Forceful Wind!     5/22/21
We have violent and powerful winds in the Spring in northern New Mexico. A few days ago I began the annual migration of my cacti from the greenhouse to the outside world, including the patio. This Echinocactus grusonii weighs more than 50 lb (20+ Kg), but a gust of wind tossed it off my garden patio. So far, I can't find any damage. The grass is really soft. But, I won't become self-satisfied (the Greeks! Always the Greeks!!) for another year or two, watching for plant damage. The Ferocactus cylindraceus still on the patio was shielded from the wind by three big pots of cacti to windward. I grew both plants, by the way, from seed I collected while in grad school, and they're more than 40 years old. The reason they're not 5 feet (1.5 M) tall and weighting 500 to 1000 lb (225 to 450 kG) is that the pots you see are as much root room to grow as I've given them. Making bonsai plants is laughably easy.   (56/56)   

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