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Echinocereus "Pink Hybrid" (female plant?)     4/13/21
This is a female plant. It has a functioning stigma. It also looks like it has pollen coming off the anthers, but, this is vestigial pollen, if anything. When I use a paintbrush to try for getting some pollen off what look like anthers, nothing comes off, or not much. The same act with the previous (male) flower results in an amazing bunch of pollen grains everywhere - on the brush, on the petals, the "stigma," etc. Whatever grains are collected from this flower never lead to pollination. I've learned why I've had such bad luck in the past making seeds of this hybrid. I have nine female plants and one male plant. This year, the male plant has had four flowers which opened over many days, so there was usually a male flower available for pollinating any open females. I appear to have many fruit swelling up on their way to making ripe seeds.   (04/56)   

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