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Echinocereus reichenbachii MG247.7i6     5/30/17
The characteristic of the species is that the flowers, no matter what their cast or color, are all with a reddish base, sometimes very faintly reddish. I think this is the only Echinocereus with this characteristic. Of course, this means that the lumpers have collapsed some previous other species into E. reichenbachii. In view of the variability of the species, I don’t have any rational objections. My irrational objections is that I think that the lumpers are often wrong. Somebody has to examine the fact that there are lots of subspecies and varieties in the plant world, with nothing like it in the animal world that I’m aware of. Is the notion of “species” harder to present for plants? Maybe it’s because I don’t care that much about animals and I’m unaware of the arguments in that arena. Maybe the birdwatchers are just as nutty as the cactus people.   (40/48)   

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