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Echinocereus reichenbachii perbellus purpureus DJF1331 MG250.742     5/22/17
The variability of this species is almost unbelievable, pure white spines to black, everything in between. I think that in an earlier mail I put forth Lobivia pentlandii as the most variable species in cactus land. I take it back. This is it. And given its habitat in the southwestern Great Plains (Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Mexico) the species is super cold hardy. Get some and try them out no matter where you live in the US. Even a raised bed shouldn’t be necessary, although I would do a raised bed as insurance. By the way, the third word, “perbellus” means really really pretty/beautiful and “purpureus” means, as you might have guessed, purple.   (37/48)   

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