Scaled image unnamed39.jpg

A red (?) Echinocereus viridiflorus
The best for last. A red-flowered sport appeared in my collection about six years ago. I’ve been crossing it with other viridiflorus. This year, I’ve finally lucked into another red from the crossings. Actually, I may have up to eight, if I’m interpreting the colors of the buds correctly. This is the first, and it flowered this very day. The normal color is what you see on the other seedlings. (This species may flower after one year from seed.) The specific name means “green flowered,” but I’ve never seen a true green flower, just the yellow you see here. I hope to develop a strain of the red colored plants that will come true from seed. The species is hardy probably to 40 below (same temp on both scales!). It survives under snow on top of mountains.    (40/40)   

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