Cactus and Succulent Society of New Mexico


Cactus & Succulent Society of New Mexico is an affiliate of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America.

Meeting Info: Albuquerque Garden Center, 10120 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM, 3rd Friday, 7:00 pm.

President: Margaret Todd
Webmaster: Ralph R. Peters

To contact the CSSNM via email, please use this address:

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Upcoming Events
October 15, 2021 -- Zoom meeting for anther month...
Dan Mahr, a retired professor from the University of Wisconsin, will talk about the "Cacti of Brazil".

Members will receive an email with a Zoom meeting invitation and instructions.
are encouraged to request an invitation via email at; please include your name so that we can admit you to the meeting.
Zoom help/info is available.

Video presentations!
Videos of recent presentations may be found on YouTube!  In June, Laurel Sillerud talked about his amazing yard!  In August, Steven Brack talked about "Cacti & Succulents of New Mexico".  In September, Rod Haenii, Ralph Peters, and Steven Brack talked about "Growing Mesembs Outdoors in New Mexico".

Information about plants
Plant information may be found here.  Checkout the article on potting soils which lists recipes from several members.  Collecting wild plants is generally discouraged -- see why!  Siegfried Lodwig has written 2 articles (text and pictures) on growing cacti from seeds and growing/transplanting the seedlings.

The Cactus and Succulent Society of America's e-newsletter "To The Point" has articles about plant cultivation, individual societies, and other interesting stories.

An Agave victoria-reginae flowered at Daniel Finley's house in summer of 2019 and he provided some pictures.

Landscaping Southwest is a program that investigates water-wise landscaping and gardening.  This video looks at the La Mesa Community Garden in the first half and Ralph Peters' xeric yard and his cactus & succulent collection in the second half.  It shows cacti, succulents, and other native plants (ocotillos, penstemons,...) used in landscaping and discusses their cultivation.

Checkout picture galleries of flowering cacti and succulents courtesy of Siegfried Lodwig.  A new gallery is up for July - August 2021 with 112 photos.

Useful links for information on the web may be found here.  Check out the blog from Australia.

Club Information
Club information including a membership application, new member information, newsletters, current officers, a library list, show information, show tags, show posters and vendor information...
The library list has been updated!  Check it out as our library is large.

What does the society do?  Get an idea from a list of recent events.