Zoom information!

The CSSNM is having Zoom meetings (over the internet) so that members can stay home if they wish.  Out-of-town members may find this an easy way to "come to meetings". 

Members will receive an email with a Zoom meeting invitation and instructions.
are encouraged to request an invitation via email at CSSofNM@gmail.com; please include your name so that we can admit you to the meeting.

Some links and info about Zoom
A video for first time users of Zoom
Zoom notes from Steven Brack
Zoom basics
Zoom Frequently Asked Questions
Zoom website with videos on various Zoom topics.
More detailed Zoom tips and tricks at: https://www.easytweaks.com/how-to-use-zoom-computer-macbook/

Join a test Zoom meeting to see if Zoom and your computer or tablet or smart-phone are working properly.

If you still have questions, contact us at CSSofNM@gmail.com