Scaled image 6.webp

June 14, 2020 sowing Set 6

Peniocereus greggii SNL1 (50) max germination count = 21       Count Sept 19 = 26   Astrophytum capricorne (100) max germination count = 75     Count Sept 19 = 70
Echinocereus triglochidiatus (150) max germination count = 42  Count Sept 19 = 85   Escobaria missouriensis SNL155 max germination count = 86  Count Sept 19 = 63

Two weeks later. It looks like growing A. capricorne for this show-and-tell was not a good idea. The plants are photographically hard to see in the soilless medium that I use. The tremendous (30:1?) size difference in the E. triglochidiatus cell is easier to see. The Esc. missouriensis population has a much more uniform size distribution. It's losing a fair number of members. Maybe whatever is/was killing the Set 7 and Set 8 population infected this Set 6 population (see next 2 pages). All the cells in this show-and-tell are sitting in the same 32-cell 10X20 flat, so whatever disease problem one cell has can easily affect/infect the other 31


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