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Echinocereus viridiflorus red flowered     5/11/22
About 8 years ago, I noticed one plant of many plants had a red flower. The plant was a member of the collection number DJF1415 whose seeds I obtained from Mesa Garden. I only had one other plant, having the usual yellow green flower, of this collection number. I crossed the two plants in an attempt to isolate the red color of the flowers. I raised seedlings from this crossing to flowering. I then crossed any red-flowered offspring back into the original red flowered plant. It hasn't been my full time cactus occupation, but I have, since the first appearance of the red sport, made over a hundred plants having the red flowers by crossing red into red. There were many plants made in this process having the normal yellow flower color. I'm trying to select out a line that will only produce the red colored flower from any seeds sown. It's a classical breeding problem.   (12/56)   

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