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Pleiospilos nelii MG1830     3/30/20
Yet another mesemb. The scars are there because I accidentally tripped over the plant more than once last summer. The nice thing about the leaf succulents in the mesemb family is that the plant regenerates the leaf every year, so the wound that the plant picks up by its owner being clumsy are gone a year later. Cacti are stem succulents, and injuries to stems take a lot longer, if ever, to clear. I got curious about this plant's home country, so I googled the habitat specified in the Mesa Garden catalog. I found out that this piece of South Africa was super proud of its excellent fishing for very big fish, well over 10 pounds (4.5 kg) or more, up to 50 lb and beyond. What kind of fish? Carp, that is, European carp. I never heard of trophy fishing for carp before.   (03/48)   

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