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Lithops fulviceps     8/10/19
Lithops (Greek for "stone like") for me are the easiest perennial mesembryanthemums to grow. There are only five individual plants in the 5" (12.5 cm) pot pictured. Too bad there are not more different flowers in the genus. Almost all are either white or yellow, and the same size as all others. But the good part is that they flower at the end of summer into fall, which brightens the declining days of sunlight, and the flowers open for more than a week. I think that Mesa Garden (Belen, NM) has more seeds available for the various species of this and other mesembs than anywhere else in the world. The hexagonally symmetric things are last year's fruit. The seeds have been scattered due to my watering and our occasional (!!!) rains. The fruit are now empty of seeds.   (09/40)   

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