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Peniocereus greggii SNL1     8/2/19
The "Arizona Queen of the Night." This is the very first cactus that I collected (seeds, actually) when I was in grad school in Tucson. That's why the "SNL1." The plant was in the front yard of a house up the street. I stole the fruit. I had a hard time trying to grow the plant from the seeds because the plant natively comes from an underground tuber weighing upwards of 100 lb (40 kg). All my little babies would rot off in a year or two, even without any tuber to be seen. I decided to try grafting, and it worked. I got plants and flowers and seeds without the bother of a 100 lb potato (?) to take care of. The plants did get rangy and after moving to Los Alamos in 2003, I gave them to Mesa Garden for distributing seeds to the world. A few years ago I decided to try the grafting routine again, and, this year, flowers. I even made two fruits. They're in the last set of these pictures.   (01/40)   

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