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Echinocereus reichenbachii MG250     5/23/19
Oddly, this is not a member of the complex alluded to in picture 36. Instead, you're supposed to note the almost not there reddish base of the flower, along with the deep green. Steven Brack insists that it's an E. reichenbachii. This plant hasn't been in the Mesa Garden catalog since I bought the seed, about ten years ago. I've finally made some seed (it's a long story) and I'll test the winter hardiness of the plant this winter. All the green-base flower plants are not winter hardy in Northern New Mexico. All the E. reichenbachii are hardy anywhere in the US, even though their current native habitat doesn't require them all to be so. This fact, among so many others, allows for endless speculation regarding evolution. Darwin just opened our eyes to the many problems in evolution. ("Problem" in this context is not a negative, but rather a source of wonder.)   (39/88)   

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