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water experiment     7/15/18
This is me being radical. These eight plants have been in a container having no drainage and kept filled with water, starting mid-June. I add distilled water over time because I don't want the salt build-up to harm the plants. For seven of these plants, this is the third summer of this treatment. The other plant is in its second year of this treatment. All eight plants don't appear unhappy with their treatment. All but three plants have flowered. The point is to demonstrate that you can water cacti freely when they're growing. (Careful; there are some species that probably can't survive this drowning, almost.) The names of the plants, staring with the one now in flower and going clockwise are: Matucana intertexta, Lobivia jajoiana, Mammillaria sp., Echinocereus reichenbachii, Notocactus concinnus, Gymmnocalycium sp., Echinocereus viridiflorus (the second year of treatment), Escobaria vivipara. I'll remove them from their bath at the end of August. All soil is coated in green algae slime right now.   (40/40)   

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