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Carnegiea gigantea     6/7/18
Another example of the influence of the pot (the root ball size, actually). These two were also the same size a bit more than a year ago. Both were in the tiny pot shown on the right plant. The thing to really notice is the fact that the left plant has broken dormancy and is growing. Both plants had not broken dormancy for several years. The plant must be able to sense the root ball size and will not break dormancy if getting bigger is not possible. I always though breaking dormancy is a function of temperature. Not so, I think. By the way, saguaros are ridiculous. The purpose of life is to make more life. Not flowering until 75 years old is ridiculous from a plain evolution viewpoint. I wonder if we'll ever be able to figure out the adaptive advantage of waiting 75 years to flower. This picture also shows how to tell if a cactus is growing. Look at the tip of the left plant. There is a bright spot of new spines forming. This is a sure sign of being not dormant and growing. Water away.   (38/40)   

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