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Echinofossulocactus multicostatus SB1147     2/11/18
This is the most spectacular of the members of the genus, I think. The Mesa Garden catalog says that this species has over 150 ribs. I'm not there yet, but I did count 102 ribs on this plant. The cactus experts (?) by the way say that E. erectocentrus is just another version of this plant. They are dead wrong. They haven't grown the two species together and watched them for 20 years. Their method of speciation is to examine alcohol-preserved dead tissue, collected who knows how, while sitting in their often English laboratories. These tend to be heated to 15 C in the winter, which lasts 9 months in England, which means the faster you name the damn thing, the sooner you get to leave and get warm.   (27/32)   

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