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Echinofossulocactus lamellosus hastatus     2/13/18
This is a 12 year old plant, bonsai-ed because of the small pot (2" (5 cm) on a side) its been in for ten years. But the foliage, the spines, are definitely those of the mature plant. Most of the really long spines of this plant are the lower of the now four centrals. This very long lower spine is the origin of the plant's third name - "hastatus" - which means "like a spear." (The species name - "lamellosus" - refers to the pattern of ridges, like layers of plates; the genus - "Echinofossulocactus" - means the cactus with spines on furrows, the furrows being the depressions between the very many ribs of the genus. The alternate genus being pushed by David Hunt and others because they think the name "Echinofossulocactus" is somehow silly, is "Stenocactus," which I think is silly. It translates as "narrowed cactus" or maybe "thin cactus."   (13/32)   

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