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Echinofossulocactus sulphureus     11/27/17
This plant, more than twice the volume of the first plant in this series, is completely different in appearance from the first member. You can see some residue low on the sides of the plant of the original fine spination. I'm sure that if you saw the plant before the change and much after the change you would never think that they are the same. I know that the vast bulk of cactus people have no interest in growing them from seed, thinking the process too difficult. But I promise you that there are plenty of species whose propagation from seed is not at all difficult. The changes that one sees from newly germinated seedlings (the Germans have a separate word for them - die Keimlinge. The direct cognate, Sämling, is after Keimling.) to the final plant are well worth the effort.   (31/32)   

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