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winter transplant work     11/12/16
This is why I consigned the very early blooming cacti to a colder winter, and why I may therefore not have many late winter pictures of my very early blooming cacti this coming year. (I will still have their pictures, only a month or two later than normally.) I’ve been neglecting the transplanting of the many plants I’ve grown from seed the past couple of years. I have so far this year transplanted more than 10,000 seedlings. This is what’s left. I made lots of empty space in my greenhouse to make room for the trays which will hold the transplants, so my adult plants had to literally be sent out into the cold. I’m going to, in the future, raise more adult plants of show quality. Not that I care about blue ribbons. I hope to show people that if I can grow good-looking plants, so can they. It’s an ordinary religious impulse, but I won’t attempt to kill anybody who disagrees with me. I’m actually a (closet) pacifist. I can’t do violence. I can’t understand the point of it.   (31/32)   

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