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Neoporteria vivipara??   
There is a wide-spread very cold hardy cactus species in the US called Coryphantha vivipara. I read a book once that tried to explain away the “vivipara” as meaning something else than what it does mean - “live birth”. Everyone knows that plants don’t give live birth. But they do. When I collected some Neoporteria seeds a few weeks ago in my greenhouse, I noticed several small green living plants inside the fruits, along with many black seeds. If this isn’t “vivipara”, then what is it? Actually, I’ve seen this phenomenon in several cactus species. Once, most of the seeds had germinated and there were little live plants filling the fruit rather than seeds (Ferocactus viridescens, north of San Diego). The little plants actually root into the fleshy fruit parts. I didn’t see the real surprise in this fruit until I looked at the picture in my computer. Yes, there is a tiny green plant at the bottom right of the fruit. But, look carefully. There are two much bigger (and older) plants, no longer green but the normal brownish of cactus seedlings. One is just above the green thing, surrounded by five normal seeds. The other is a bit above and about half of the length of the fruit to the left. Both look kind of like miscellaneous detritus, but the seedling shape is unmistakable once you see it.    (31/32)   

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