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This is the result. Notice that the little pups that were present, above, are gone. They went with the additional piece of plant that I carved off and tossed. You can now make out the woody structure (a rough circle) that surrounds the vascular bundle, Because this plant grew at a slant, the bundle and wood are not centered in the plant. You can't really see it, but I've covered the entire cut of this plant with super glue The glue does two things. It may help defeat the fungus, and it seals the body of the plant with an almost water-tight cover, so that the plant doesn't lose tremendous amounts of water, as it would without the super glue "bandage." I use anything handy to spread the glue. A bamboo skewer, a toothpick, a stick, whatever works. You should wear gloves (I like nitrile) when working with super glue. Otherwise you start gluing your fingers together. And try not to brush the stuff accidentally into your eye. That would be an immediate (!!) trip to the ER. Also, don't do this in the house. Outside in a breeze is best. The monomeric super glue vapor is quite an irritant to the eyes (the eyes are super sensitive to many vapors, and the vapor of super glue is an eye irritant). The next thing is, don't use plain super glue. Get the "Super Glue Gel." This material is easier to work with. Straight super glue is more runny than water. The gel resembles honey in its flow properties. I've also found the straight super glue much more of an eye irritant than the gel. (I think I figured out why surgeons use a special super glue, one that is the octyl ester of cyanoacrylic acid, rather than the methyl ester, which is the hardware store super glue. The octyl ester has a much lower vapor pressure than the methyl ester, so no eye irritation for the surgeons in the enclosed space of an operating room. Sorry to bother you with the organic chemistry. In case there are any organic chemists out there, cyanoacrylic esters are powerful Michael acceptors and living systems are full of Michael donors. That's why the toxicity.)


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