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floriferous jade
This Crassula sp. is a cutting I took three years ago, now in a 2.5" (6 cm) pot. You don't need to have a huge plant to get flowers on a jade. (Root-bounding them might help the flowering process.) What you need to do is put the jade outside in full sun after the last frost in late Spring. It happens that two things are necessary to make a flowering jade - a decreasing day length (available June 21 - on) and ultraviolet light. Sunlight has ultraviolet light. A jade in the house behind glass will never flower because glass is a nearly perfect uv filter. I was in Quito Ecuador a few years ago. There were literally millions of jades all over the place, everywhere. I asked someone if the jades ever bloom. No, I was told. Aha! Quito is on the equator. Its days and nights are absolutely identical. No decreasing day length, no flowering.   (46/48)   

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