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Lobivia haematantha rebutioides MG539.21     6/5/20
The name looks complicated, but, it can be pieced out: "Lobivia" = anagram of Bolivia, its home; "haeme" = Greek for blood, that is, the color of blood (the guy who named it didn't know that it also comes in yellow) and "antha" is the Greek stem for flower, so the whole word means "red-flowered"; "rebut" is a stem referring to the genus Rebutia and "oides" is a general Greek term meaning "like", so the whole thing says "it looks like a Rebutia to me." Picture #6 shows a Lobivia sanguiniflora. The sanguiniflora is the Latin version of "red flower." (see also Pictures #22 & #31)   (10/72)   

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