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Saguaro, dormant     6/4/20
This plant is still dormant. The fact that one or more plants of the same species is actively growing is not germane to a particular plant. This advice goes for people who have not very many plants. I have more than 20,000. I don't evaluate each and every plant for dormancy. I know that under my conditions of care in Northern New Mexico, I can water starting sometime in March. If I lose a plant or ten because I watered too early, it's just a by-product of having too many plants. If I had less than 100 plants, or so, I'd pay a lot more personal attention to each individual. Incidentally, to my trained eye, this saguaro is just starting to break dormancy. It takes a lot of looking at cacti to get this trained. I've been looking at cacti for more than 50 years. I'm still wrong sometimes. Look at the previous picture for a non-dormant plant!   (08/72)   

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