Awards and other Interesting Data for the CSSNM Show April, 2016

384 plants entered: 242 cacti, 142 other succulents
  for comparison:  
  in 2015, 318 plants entered: 170 cacti, 148 other succulents   in 2012, 412 plants entered: 264 cacti, 148 other succulents,
  in 2014, 290 plants entered: 182 cacti, 108 other succulents   in 2011, 414 plants entered: 282 cacti, 132 other succulents,
  in 2013, 343 plants entered: 237 cacti, 106 other succulents,   in 2010, 320 plants entered: 164 cacti, 156 other succulents.

In addition, again this year's show had an excellent addition, provided by Sig Lodwig: several flats of seedlings at various stages of growth,
with details of their histories. and also a computerized display of many sorts of flowering cacti. Many visitors were very interested!
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Special Award Ribbons

Ortego macdougalii   Mammillaria huitzilopochtl   A epiphyte  
Ortegocactus macdougalii   Mammillaria huitzilopochtli   an epiphytic cactus   Ferocactus rectispinus

Workers: the most important part, for the show's success