Cactus and Succulent Society of New Mexico

Cactus & Succulent Society of New Mexico is an affiliate of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America.

Meeting Info: Albuquerque Garden Center, 10120 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM, 3rd Friday, 7:00 pm.

President: Carl Hime, 505-275-6777,
Webmaster: Ralph R. Peters, 505-293-6356

To contact the CSSNM via email, please use this address:

Rabia flowers

Rabia flowering in January in the yard
(click for big image)
Upcoming Events
Friday, January 19 - Regular meeting at 7 pm.
Steven Brack will present a program on Cultivation & Germination of Pediocactus, Sclerocactus and Toumeya.  A picture gallery shows some of these plants in flower and as seedlings.  This is a workshop, so bring cash to pay for supplies ($5 or $10) and a tray to take pots home.  More information may be found in the program notes.

Saturday and Sunday, April 14 & 15, 2018 - Spring Show and Sale at the Albuquerque Garden Center

Information about plants
Plant information may be found here.  Checkout the new article on potting soils which lists recipes from several members.

The CSSNM held an educational exhibit at the Albuquerque Botanic Garden over the Labor Day Weekend (September 1-4, 2017).  The club had a live plant exhibit, special presentations & demonstrations, and a Kactus Kidz corner,  all designed to educate the public about these beautiful and unique plants.  Presentations included slide shows on how to use cactus & succulents in the landscape, a how-to presentation on the edible prickly pear with information on nutritional values, and planting a cactus garden.   Demonstrations included one on potting, dividing & repotting these plants.  Under the Big Green Umbrella the Kactus Kidz held forth with fun activities including three different games with prizes and handouts to color for the younger set.   The live plant exhibit included free copies of approximately 40  CSSNM "how-to" publications also found on this website.  Several galleries show some pictures taken by members and some of the 2000 visitors who attended the educational exhibits.

Landscaping Southwest is a program that investigates water-wise landscaping and gardening.  This video looks at the La Mesa Community Garden in the first half and Ralph Peters' xeric yard and his cactus & succulent collection in the second half.  It shows cacti, succulents, and other native plants (ocotillos, penstemons,...) used in landscaping and discusses their cultivation.

Field Trips to Mesa Garden
On October 8, 2013, we went on a field trip to Mesa Garden to see all the mesembs in flower; see the picture gallery
On March 22, 2014, we went on a field trip to Mesa Garden to see cacti and some mesembs in flower; see the picture gallery.
We also had a great potluck dinner after spending time in the greenhouses.  Steven and Linda Brack were great hosts -- Thank you!

Checkout picture galleries of flowering cacti and succulents  and seedlings courtesy of Siegfried Lodwig.  A new gallery is up for September - November 2017 with 32 photos!

Useful links for information on the web may be found here.

Club Information
Club information including a membership application, new member information, newsletters, current officers, a library list, show information, show tags, show posters and vendor information may be found here.

What does the society do?  Get an idea from a list of recent events.